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27 julio, 2018
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27 julio, 2018

Bauer NSX Elbow Pads Junior, S

37,23 (as of 9 octubre, 2019, 14:45) 32,95 I.V.A. Incluido

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Designed for PLAYERS who are New to the game, The Bauer NSX Elbow Pads Fall into the Recreational Category when it comes to Protección and price. The NSX Elbow Pads Feature A Molded piezas Tapered Cap with medium density Foam Cover. The bicep Protección on the NSX Elbow Pads is made with medium density Foam and has an extensión to help Cover and protect your Joint. This bicep Protección is Independent from the Cap, which a feature you see on higher level Pads for Improve Movement and Comfort. For A Secure Fit, Bauer utiliza 3 straps on the NSX Elbow Pads at the bicep, junta, and forearm. The fabricada on the NSX Elbow Pads is a Hydrophobic malla for a dry comfortable Fit. The Bauer NSX Elbow Pads are designed with the new Hockey Player in Mind. From the level of Protección to the Price, The NSX Elbow Pads Fit the needs of any Beginning Hockey Player.

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